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維修兵團正在尋找一名專注於 Python-Django 的後端開發者,同時具備基礎的前端技能。您的主要職責將是使用 Django 進行後端功能的設計、開發、維護和增強。我們尋求那些擁有出色的問題解決能力、方案設計技巧、邏輯思維和高質量編碼的開發者。


Python, Django, PostgreSQL, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Git, Github, MySQL, Redis, Celery


– 使用 Python/Django 構建和維護健壯、高性能的後端應用

– 精通 Django Form 及 Django Admin 的開發

– 使用 Python 建立高效的後端組件和系統

– 開發和維護測試套件,確保應用的性能和安全性

– 積極參與敏捷開發團隊,不斷提升用戶體驗

– 對代碼開發標準和團隊流程提出建議和改進


– 必須有直接讀寫英文能力,不可以倚靠翻譯軟件來理解和溝通,只可用作必要時之輔助

– 計算機科學或相關領域的學士學位,或同等經驗

– 使用 Python 和 Django 進行後端應用開發,2年以上經驗

– 基礎的前端技能,如 HTML, CSS, 和 jQuery

– 有使用 Git 或 SVN 的版本控制經驗

– 能夠維護我們的服務器和熟悉 Linux 命令

– 在口頭和書面溝通技巧方面表現出色,具有團隊合作精神


– 有英文口語及聆聽能力者優先

– 有長期使用 Django 進行後端開發的經驗

– 熟練使用 jQuery

– 有使用 RESTful API 的經驗

– 掌握 Git 版本控制系統

– 熟悉敏捷開發流程

– 希望學習新技術和工具


– 工作類型:全職

– 工作經驗:3年以上

– 學歷:學位


– 每周工作5天半(周一至周五,上午9:00至下午6:00;周六上午9:00至下午2:00 香港時間)

– 1小時午休時間 (周一至周五)

– 中國公眾假期


– 每月的第一天


– 第一輪:電話

– 第二輪:Zoom






We are in search of a backend developer with a strong focus on Python-Django, while also possessing foundational front-end skills. As a backend developer with us, your primary responsibilities will encompass designing, developing, maintaining, and enhancing backend functionalities using Django. We're looking for individuals with excellent problem-solving capabilities, solution design skills, logical thinking, and a commitment to high-quality coding.

📍Skills Required:

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Git, Github, MySQL, Redis, Celery


– Build and maintain robust and high-performance backend applications using Python/Django

– Expertise in developing with Django Form and Django Admin

– Create efficient backend components and systems using Python

– Develop and maintain test suites, ensuring application performance and security

– Actively participate in an agile development team, continually striving to enhance user experience

– Provide suggestions and improvements to our code development standards and team processes

📍Essential Qualifications:

– Must have the ability to read and write in English directly, cannot rely on translation software for understanding and communication, but can use it as necessary assistance

– Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field, or equivalent experience

– Backend application development experience of 2+ years using Python and Django

– Basic front-end skills in HTML, CSS, and jQuery

– Experience with version control systems such as Git or SVN

– Ability to maintain our servers and familiarity with Linux commands

– Excellent verbal and written communication skills and a collaborative team player

📍Preferred Qualifications:

– Priority given to those with English speaking and listening skills

– Long-term experience in backend development using Django

– Proficiency with jQuery

– Experience with RESTful APIs

– Mastery of the Git version control system

– Familiarity with agile development processes

– Eagerness to learn new technologies and tools

📍Additional Information:

– Job Type: Full Time

– Years of Experience: at least 3 years

– Qualification: Degree

📍Benefits & Others:

– 5 days work (Mon-Fri, 9:00am-6:00pm HKT)

– 1 hour lunch break

– China’s public holidays

📍Pay date:

– The first day of the month


– First round: Telephone

– Second round: Zoom



📍About Fixes:

Established in 2015, we are a company based in Hong Kong. From our inception, the majority of our staff were arranged to work remotely, leading to the early development of a remote work model and corresponding systems. In 2020, we began expanding to overseas markets, launching our first branch business in Tokyo, Japan. With our rapid business expansion, we're openly recruiting more backend developers. If you meet the criteria and wish to grow with our team, please reach out to us immediately.




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